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Kitchen Cabinet Resurfacing

Refinish your cabinets. Don’t replace them.

Step 1- We will set up a self-contained “spray booth” in your home

or garage to contain all the dust and debris our process with create.

Step 2- We carefully remove all the doors, drawers, and hardware.

Step 3- We clean and sand all the wood including the cabinet faces.

Step 4- We sand ALL the surfaces to ensure good adhesion and

to remove any imperfections in the finish.

Step 5- We spray multiple coats of our special high build primer to fill in any grain or scratch that may be present on the existing wood.

Step 6- We sand by hand the entire surface again to ensure a uniform surface for the lacquer.

Step 7- We use two sprayed coats of a high quality solid color lacquer to give you greater chip and scratch resistance compared to paint. This lacquer is also available in a Water Based version for fewer odors.

Step 8- We reinstall all the hardware and wood to get your kitchen back in service as fast as possible.

The process takes between 3 and 7 days and will usually cost 1/3 what a full kitchen remodel would.